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Can I open TMS and DEMAT Account?

If you’re a Nepali citizen, you’re eligible to open a Trading account with authorized broker companies in
the Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE)

You’ll receive the payment in your bank account on the 4th working day after the transaction, typically T+3 in our settlement cycle.

It’s not mandatory, but having Mero share helps a lot in both primary and secondary markets. It’s great for applying to IPOs, FPOs, Right Shares, and transferring shares that are sold in the secondary market.

Yes, you’ll need to deposit collateral in order to place purchase orders in the Online Trading Platform. However, it’s not mandatory for selling

Shares sold should be transferred from the evening of the transaction to the next day, within T+1.

‘Book close’ is a date companies use to identify shareholders for meetings. It can affect buy and sell settlements, causing a delay of 3-4 days for receiving purchased shares or payment for sold ones.

Closeout’ happens when there’s a default delivery of shares in a transaction. Sellers pay a 20% penalty, buyers receive 15% of the purchase amount, and the remaining 5% goes to the Nepal Government as windfall gain tax.

In order to change the details in TMS, you can either visit the office or provide details send an email at with the necessary documents.

You can go to the page, click on the “FORGET PASSWORD” and enter the client code & registered mail and submit. If you still don’t get the reset link, contact at us.

In case of a forgotten password, you can reset it from the login page of TMS through the Forgot Password option. But in case of username recovery, you will have to contact Miyo Securities via phone number or email id.

Step 1: From the Mero share account’s My Purchase Source segment, click on the purchased share you want the details of. Then on screen, you will be able to see the WACC calculations and from there you can click on the respective company’s share and click Proceed.
Step 2: Go to My Holdings from the top bar of the same page. From there, click Confirm on the holding details of the respective share detail.
Step 3: Go to My EDIS from Mero Share navigation bar and click on Transfer Shares option, from there, click on the desired share that you want to proceed with at the moment and click Confirm to send the shares for settlement proceedings.