Garima Capital Limited Announces Appointment of New Board Directors

In a recent board meeting, Garima Capital Limited announced the appointment of Mr. Naina Nepal Dhakal as an Independent Director and Mr. Sanju Prasad Jaiswal as a Director representing Garima Bikas Bank Limited.

With these appointments, the board of directors now includes:

1. Mr. Deepak Pandey – Chairman
2. Mr. Anil Regmi – Director
3. Mr. Sanju Prasad Jaiswal – Director
4. Mr. Mahesh Prasad Kafle – Independent Director
5. Mr. Naina Nepal Dhakal – Independent Director

Welcoming the new additions, Garima Capital Limited expressed confidence in its expertise and contributions to the company’s strategic direction. Mr. Ashok Subedi serves as the Company Secretary, while Mr. Nirmal Bhattarai continues in his role as Chief Executive Officer. The company looks forward to a successful tenure under the guidance of its expanded board of directors.

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