Global IME Bank: A Shining Example of Excellence in Nepal’s Banking Sector

In today’s interconnected world, businesses strive to distinguish themselves globally through rigorous training and activities. Despite diverse goals, all aim to shine among peers. Nations are like close-knit neighborhoods, where economic actions have far-reaching impacts. In this era of globalization, competition is fierce, and businesses, both new and established, seek to outperform international rivals. Excelling not only elevates a business’s status but also brings honor to its home country, much like celebrated artists and public figures.

Global IME Bank: Leading Nepal’s Banking Sector

Established in 2007 with the slogan “Bank for All,” Global IME Bank has become Nepal’s largest bank by expanding services to Nepali citizens worldwide. It emphasizes that a country extends beyond its borders, ensuring accessible banking for all Nepalis. The bank also pursues environmental sustainability by reducing plastic use and offering low-interest loans for electric vehicles.

Global IME Bank has also made strides in financial inclusion. By securing a $56 million loan from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the bank aims to provide affordable credit to micro, small, and medium enterprises. This initiative is expected to enhance market competitiveness, create jobs, and support climate goals.

Global Recognition and Awards

Global IME Bank’s dedication to excellence has garnered international recognition. It was recently honored with the “Best Bank Award 2024” by Global Finance Magazine, making it the first Nepali bank to receive this prestigious accolade. This award highlights the bank’s reliability, financial resource mobilization, strategic relationships, and customer-friendly services.

The bank has also received several other awards over the years. In 2022, Euromoney awarded Global IME Bank the “Best Bank Nepal” title for its high-level performance and innovative use of technology in banking services. Furthermore, the bank was recognized as the “Best Internet Bank 2016-Nepal” by International Finance Magazine for its quality Internet banking services, becoming the first in Nepal to offer these services in the Nepali language (Devanagari).

Commitment to Social Responsibility

Global IME Bank is not just a financial institution; it is a corporate citizen committed to societal well-being. The bank has been the highest taxpayer among banks and financial institutions in Nepal, contributing significantly to the nation’s revenue. It filed an impressive tax of 3.2 billion rupees in the fiscal year 2078/79, earning recognition from the Internal Revenue Office.

As Global IME Bank continues its journey, it aims to double its business by 2025, expanding its reach with technology-friendly banking services and facilities. The bank’s chairman, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, has set an ambitious target to rank among the top 1,000 banks globally. With its steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, Global IME Bank is well-positioned to achieve this goal, further enhancing its reputation and that of Nepal on the global stage.

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