Government to Initiate Entrepreneurship Program for Returning Migrant Workers

Minister for Labour, Employment, and Social Security, Dol Prasad Aryal, announced that the government is preparing to implement the Returnee Entrepreneurship Programme to create domestic employment opportunities for returnee migrant workers. Speaking during the discussion on the Appropriation Bill, 2081 in the House of Representatives (HoR) on Sunday, Minister Aryal emphasized the government’s efforts to create a conducive environment for retaining returnee migrants in the country. The programme aims to leverage the knowledge, skills, and capital of returnee workers within Nepal.

Minister Aryal highlighted that reintegration programmes for returnees are currently being implemented at 20 local levels in Koshi and Madhesh provinces. He also mentioned that the government has streamlined the process of issuing labour permits, enabling migrant workers to receive permits within an hour by operating the Labour Office in two shifts. Additionally, the Prime Minister Employment Programme will be restructured to focus on skill development and entrepreneurship. A National Employment Management Information System will also be established to function as an employment bank, connecting employees and employers in the labour market.

Further addressing the HoR, Minister Aryal proposed increasing the compensation for families of deceased migrant workers to Rs 1 million, up by Rs 300,000. He noted that provisions for other economic assistance and scholarships for families of injured or deceased workers have been simplified. The government is also exploring new labour destinations and renewing existing labour agreements. New agreements have been signed with Germany and Romania, with plans to sign bilateral labour agreements with three more countries in the upcoming fiscal year. Aryal revealed that over the past four years, 4,000 Nepali workers have died abroad, with 870 others critically injured.

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