Government Unveils Employment Bank to Manage Job Demand and Supply

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has unveiled plans for the establishment of an Employment Bank aimed at efficiently matching available human resources with job opportunities based on knowledge, skills, and technical expertise. Addressing the Shramadhan Employment Fair, Prime Minister Prachanda emphasized the pivotal role of the Employment Bank in addressing the intricate dynamics of job demand and supply while fostering entrepreneurship development.

Highlighting the significance of leveraging the labor force, skills, and experiences of returnee migrants and individuals residing within the country, Prime Minister Prachanda underscored the government’s commitment to ensuring employment for up to 100,000 returnee migrants in the upcoming fiscal year. This initiative will be tailored to their respective knowledge, capital, skills, and technical proficiencies.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Prachanda reaffirmed the government’s dedication to safeguarding the welfare of workers, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and pertinent governmental policies and programs. Emphasizing the pivotal role of domestic employment in fostering national prosperity and citizen well-being, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of promoting competitiveness among potential job aspirants through skills enhancement and capacity-building initiatives.

In a bid to bolster entrepreneurship development and increase domestic employment opportunities, Prime Minister Prachanda outlined plans to optimize remittance utilization and revitalize the agriculture sector. The government’s proactive measures include introducing various new programs in the upcoming fiscal year’s budget, aimed at fostering employment creation, entrepreneurship development for returnees, and revitalizing key sectors such as agriculture.

Prime Minister Prachanda hailed the ‘Shramadhan Employment Fair’ as a significant intervention, expressing optimism that the fair will serve as a catalyst for harnessing opportunities within the labor and employment sector, providing a comprehensive solution to prevalent challenges. In a call for collaborative efforts, Prime Minister Prachanda urged stakeholders to join hands in realizing the vision of advancing the nation’s prosperity through better employment generation and the development of a dignified labor force.

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