Members of the House of Representatives claim the new budget focuses on national and public interests

During the House of Representatives (HoR) meeting on Monday, members debated the newly proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2024/25, emphasizing its focus on national and public interests.

MP Tshering Lama Tamang praised the budget as extraordinary, noting its initiatives to transform Madhesh into an agricultural hub, Karnali into a center for medicinal herbs, and Sudurpaschim into a cultural hub.

Conversely, MP Surya Prasad Dhakal argued that integrity and willpower, rather than financial resources, are what the country lacks. Dr. Chandra Bhandari critiqued the budget for not adequately addressing production growth and employment creation.

Lawmaker Nagina Yadav highlighted that the budget does not prioritize economic improvement. MP Lal Prasad Sawa Limbu called for reforms in the revenue system and an expansion of the taxation scope. MP Nainakala Thapa pointed out the significant disparity between capital and current expenditures.

MP Maina Karki expressed concern over the budget’s failure to implement projects that could prevent youth emigration and expedite national pride projects. Conversely, MP Kiran Kumar Shah commended the budget’s emphasis on infrastructure development.

However, MP Dev Prasad Timilsina criticized the budget for neglecting the needs of farmers, laborers, and government employees. MP Narayan Prasad Acharya recommended a needs assessment for agriculture, education, healthcare, drinking water, and tourism, proposing a strategic model for the next decade.

MP Man Bahadur Gurung advocated for increased capital spending in infrastructure and production growth. MPs Bijula Rayamajhi and Sapana Rajbhandari stressed the importance of effective budget implementation, while MP Hari Dhakal lamented the lack of innovation in the budget.

The general discussions on the budget are scheduled to continue on Tuesday. The next HoR meeting is set for 11:00 AM on Tuesday.

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